17.06.2023 | 11
Bella Belchaud und ihre Papageien
Seat cushion concert with Drama


Seat Cushion Concert from 4 years onwards Based on a children's book by Elizabeth Shaw
published by Beltz I Der Kinderbuch Verlag 
Bella used to be a famous actress. Now, unfortunately, she is a bit scatterbrained and always forgets her lines. What luck that she lives with three talking parrots. With their help, she continues to perform theatre in her living room. But being on a real stage would of course be much nicer. Then Bella has an idea! How about putting one of her parrots in her skirt pocket and having it speak for her when she forgets her lines? 
And so Bella is allowed to play in the theatre again. I wonder if it will work out? 
Bella and her funny parrots stick together and comfort each other, even if not everything works out as expected. But in the end there is a surprise that Bella didn't expect.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the University Theatre of the HTWG Konstanz, the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie also celebrates the many years of cooperation with the "Theater Hochschule Konstanz". Thus, the Miroir Quintet, together with Anna Hertz, actress, director of the Hochschultheater and enthusiastic seat cushion concert director, will also perform for the first time together with three students of the HWTG Konstanz.


Yuki Kishikawa


Erich Born


Alexander Hanßmann


Hubert Renner


Gabriel Ahumada


Anna Hertz

Play & Direction

Tuan Le Hong


Fiona Löwner


Marie Stemmler


Concert Information

17.6.2023 Performances 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the campus of HTWG Konstanz in building P, room 001
Access via Paul-und Gretel-Dietrichstraße