11.12.2022 | 14
Die Weihnachtshäsin
Seat cushion concert


Seat cushion concert from 4 years Based on a picture book by Adriana Dorsett.

The holiday is just around the corner and Santa Claus can hardly move, his feet hurt so much! But who is going to deliver the presents on time? The only thing that helps is a call to all mythical creatures and magical creatures: Who can help Santa Claus? When finally only the lucky pig, the sandman, the wolf, the seven dwarfs and the Easter bunny remain on the shortlist, an adventurous competition begins...


Anna Hertz

Play & Direction

Circolo Quartett

Ensemble of the SWP

Concert Information

In der Vorstellung um 15:30 Uhr sind noch Plätze verfügbar!

Sitzkissenkonzert ab 4 Jahren

Familienkarte: Eltern und Großeltern (max. zwei Erwachsene) mit allen eigenen Kindern/ Enkeln.