01.01.2023 | 19:00 Uhr
»Freunde, das Leben ist lebenswert!«
Guest concert


Operetta gala with works by Eduard Strauss, Ralph Benatzky, Richard Heuberger, Franz Lehár, Erich Wolfgang Korngold and others.

We start the new year 2023 in a buoyant mood, and what could be more fitting than to enter the realm of operetta. And so we indulge in operetta bliss, which still enraptures the world today with its lively music and dreamy songs. For where else but in the operetta can you really indulge in the magic of melodies? Where else can you be deceived and lied to from beginning to end - and still be happy about it? With mischief and intricacies, with masquerades and hide-and-seek games, we are fooled without interruption and finally led to the happy end. And when you go home drunk and exhilarated by the many beautiful melodies, you know what it's all about: "It's all the champagne's fault!


Äneas Humm


Jaclyn Bermudez


Gabriel Venzago

Chief Conductor

Insa Pijanka