Königin der Farben
12.02.2023 | 11:00 Uhr
Ottos Mops
Seat cushion concert


A quirky and enjoyable journey through the world of music and poetry for young and old.

It's Otto's birthday and everyone is waiting for the birthday boy. But, ogottogott, Ottos mops goht's nocht so got - Ottos Mops kotzt! So we work hard again, so that everything will work out: serenades and poems! So we all go together on a wonderfully stupid journey through the wide world of poetry and music. Will we meet Otto and his pug, as well as the sorcerer's apprentice, the Erlkönig and many other creatures? 

Concert Information

Hummingbird Stories Quintet
Prisca Maier, actress
Cornelius Nieden, actor
Margit Bonz, viola
Alexander Messmer, accordion
Christine Baumann, harp